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Welcome back to Free Nursing Care - home of the so called “self-funder”.

If you have a question, we will answer. New material will be added that's going to support the self-funded in your fight with the "system". We are furious, we cannot change the law by ourselves, but we can make sure you get every penny the State grudgingly gives you.

My name is Tony, I am a practicing solicitor, Rachael an Adult Services Social Worker, and Dr Chops has experience on working with Stroke and Care of the Elderly patients. All three of us are real people who hold down very busy professional careers.

We are all very angry that we cannot deliver the care our training has taught us, or the protections of law are beyond pocket of the average individual so we offer our time free and have the occasional rant. We try to give something back, and we do so by helping out in this forum. We are unpaid, and our job rotas mean we cannot answer every question immediately. We all work full time, as we are all subject to our respective professional bodies rules, so we cannot reveal our identities as our replies are not intended to create a doctor patient relationship, a Service User lawyer / Client relationship.

No answer is intended, or does, create a solicitor client relationship, or a patient , health care practitioner relationship. If in doubt, seek out appropriate advice.
We are able to recommend people who we have had positive experiences with, or others report being happy with the service they have received. Our answers should demonstrate our knowledge of such subjects as dementia law and medical treatment of stroke and dementia care, social care funding( continuing heathcare- "CHC") mental capacity , Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection, safeguarding,  eligibility for  Care Home placement and care Plans/ packages of care.

Unlike the previous Admin whose ignorance of The Care Act 2014 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005 caused him to not give you the support and advise you need. We are worried many of you have relied upon incorrect postings by the previous Admin, who in some cases he had taken fees from and told you to ignore the Local Authority and keep on shouting Coughlan. This approach to helping your family member is ill conceived and is wrong. Please don’t mention Coughlan-in 2017 Pam Coughlan would not have qualified for CHC. We will respond to each of you, even if your loved on has passed on.

There are some technical details about the forum refresh below, however, as a group of Admins who are focussed on the plight of the self funder.

Here are details of how to use the new forum. It is to inform you that the FNC (Free Nursing Care) forum has been migrated from the old "Forumotion" (freeware) platform to new "IPS (Invision Power Board)" forum software with following:

  • All the forum content (including member's usernames, emails, avatars, content count and posts) have been transferred over to the new forum.
  • The new forum is a self-hosted type, which means that unlike previous one, the entire data will now have a regular full backup.
  • The new forum is the leading industry-standard software with top-notch security, stability, flexibility and design.
  • The new forum has lot of unique and latest features, that were NOT available with the previous one.
  • The new forum is 100% fully Responsive over PC, Tablet and Mobile phones.
  • and much more...

Please be advised that the new forum software possess a unique password encryption algorithm, due to which we could NOT import/process the passwords associated with each username/email. Therefore, we request you to proceed to the Forgot your Password page once, to reset your password associated with your email address. For more details as how to reset your password, please watch this video tutorial:
We are pleased to announce the official launch and revamp of FNC Forum today. We hope you'll like the look and feel of the new forum and expect your active participation at FNC forum!
Very warm regards,
FNC Forum Administration.

No answer is intended, or does, create a solicitor client relationship, or a patient , health care practitioner relationship. If in doubt, seek out appropriate advice.

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