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  1. Dear Anne, I am sorry you are having problems logging on. I have asked my IT person to look at overnight. Is there a question you want an answer to? I am sorry if this post doesn't cover your question, but it answers all the PM's I have had this evening. Anything Steve Squires may have written has to be ignored, and any mention of Coughlan "entitlement" will get an applicant on a CHC/DST/IRP/NHS England nowhere. I think I'm going to scream if the next person who sends me an email saying that "mum has x, so she must be entitled to continuing healthcare".CHC If only that was true. In reality, we need evidence to secure two severe out of all the domains to win, and even winning has a sting in the tail. (more later on that topic) As lawyers, Dr's and social workers we took over the forum as many people were having their lives destroyed by Steve's one-man mission to prove that his view was correct and all the Dr's hcp's and lawyers were wrong. This forum is for the so-called "self-funder"- a morally corrupt concept, but one where experts who understand the Care Act and Mental Capacity Act can provide help that can change people's lives and get some "self-funders" to become the responsibility of the Local Authority. I have spent the day on the wrong end of DST's where CHC's are ignoring the National Framework We have to fight back. Goodnight Admin