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  1. someone sent an email to me with teh same message
  2. bjforestedge@aol.com but i think he is trying to access other people as well.
  3. Hi I am trying to get a friend to register and he just sent me the messgage below.anyone got any ideas what is going wrong. Thanks Michael I am unable to register.I keep getting error despite filling in all requirements
  4. I notice someone has mentioned property, but I am under the impression that if two people go from jointly owned property to tenants in common and then gift their share of the house to a property trust, with a life interest for the survivor, or discretionary trust, through a will, the market value of the house falls drastically, almost making it worthless, as who would want to buy half a house. If only one person remains they own half and the property trust own the other half again making it worthless. I wondered if anyone had gone down this route and was successful regarding the value of the property Michael