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  1. I have recently recieved a solicitors letter acting for a Local Authority requesting "care home charges" 6 years after the death of my mother. They describe the amount as a "maintenance charge" but from what I can remember I think of it as pallative care before she died of dementia. Has anyone else experienced similar? is this lawful?
  2. Interesting point made - i.e. "The Social Services should only be involved when all appeals have been done and the person is deemed [ illegally we know ] to not have a Primary Health Need." Does this refer to some documentation relating to the timing and bounds of their involvement? The reason I ask, is that SS are involved in my mothers case before an appeal has been made and were also involved with the "tick sheet" and DST. My thoughts are that they have interfered when they must not do and there are then grounds to dismiss the first assessment.
  3. Not sure that this will help you, but it may be reassuring to know that others are experiencing similar occurrences of a hand swelling up and changes in a persons behaviour/condition. Although I have no medical qualifications, I would agree with your opinion that a mini stroke may have occurred. A similar occurrence happened with my mother, who has vascular dementia, yet doctors and a consultant said that they did not know why her hand had swollen up. An aunt (who had cancer on the brain) experienced her hand swelling up and her doctor diagnosed mini strokes. My personal opinion is that not all doctors have enough knowledge. Your monitoring and observation of changes in your mother’s condition are likely to be more accurate real-life experiences rather than text-book knowledge. A 2nd, 3rd ….. nth opinion might find a doctor with more knowledge – follow your instincts!
  4. "Dementia is most often thought of as a memory disorder .........But experts in the field say dementia is more accurately defined as fatal brain failure: a terminal disease, like cancer, that physically kills patients, not simply a mental ailment that accompanies older age." Source: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1930278,00.html Other sources: http://www.asap-care.org/drupal/dementia "Dementia is often not recognised .......... four-fifths of cases were missed by general practitioners" http://www.sma.org.sg/smj/3803/articles/3803a3.htm
  5. Some interesting points made about dementia including: "patients with advanced dementia are under-recognized as being at high risk of death and receive suboptimal palliative care" http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/10/091014174009.htm