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    It's been a long time since I've used this forum, or any other connected with my relative's situation, sadly mum died a couple of years ago after being in a nursing home for seven years. I would only recommend it to others if it was clear that Steve Squires was nothing to do with it. I see that one of the posts I've accessed this evening congratulates him on setting up the forum and says how wonderful he is. That is dated October 30, 2016. I guess that may be the date that info was transferred to a new server but if it was my forum I'd probably delete anything with his name on it. Many of the posters on the original forum were fantastic, so helpful and willing to share info and ideas. I'm not sure I have any relevant experience now but I did manage to get continuing care funding for five years, really by keeping the case inside the appeal system, not sure if that is possible now as I know criteria were tightened up. Best wishes to everyone, especially old friends who were on the board up to 2013, and if it is possible, I will try to visit and post if I think I can say anything relevant.
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    Good evening I have been a regular reader of your forum for some time and also other pages linked to you - Steve Squires page of NHSCare.info I have tried for nearly 3 years to obtain CHC Funding and have now had 2 Appeal reviewed (both of which were considerable delayed by the NHS (they have admitted they are at fault) but... we now have the meeting ! - with LRP which will have health and social reps in attendance - I have a detailed Statement that has been effective in that we have now had confirmed that my mother in law in completely immobile but they still wont score her severe as they do not consider her positioning is critical (they interpret critical as life threatening (I have been unable to locate any ref to confirm this) Your written word had been a excellent source of advice, and with other inputs I feel we have a very strong case -